QUITE SIMPLY Eliminator KC is regarded by major talent agency's and talent buyer's across America to be THE WORLD'S MOST AUTHENTIC ZZ TOP CONCERT RECREATION as well as being one of America's top touring tribute production's. For over a decade these three gents based out of Kansas City has taken their show coast to coast performing at major venues and events across our land. Rolling up and delivering the good's! The desert back drop, The replica mic stands and drum kit, The triple stacked speakers, The spinning fuzzy guitars and the trademark ZZ TOP attire and persona. but most importantly an uncanny rendition of over twenty charted hits that has helped shape the face of American music. ELIMINATOR KC is honored to have shared the stage with B.B. KING, TED NUGENT, 38 SPECIAL, FOG HAT and others.                                  
 Eliminator Entertainment Inc.
 Agent: Daniel Holloway  E-mail: eliminatortribute@live.com 
 Office:  816.225.7434

D.W. D'wood (guitar and vocals)
Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, D'wood bought his first guitar in '71 and has been influenced by the amazing Rev. Willy G (Billy Gibbons) ever since, offering up phenomenal renditions of those trademark licks and bluesy vocals that are the essence of ZZ Top. D'Wood has performed nation wide for over two decades, with such artists as Jimmie Van Zant from the Lynyrd Skynyrd family, as well as being cast as Keith Richards in the internationally acclaimed Rolling Stones experience "Satisfaction."

Bobby K. (Bass and Vocals)

Hailing from Northern California, former member of the Jimmie Van Zant Band, 2014 nominee for Best Live Audio Engineer in KC. Bobby brings over twenty years of musical experience to Eliminator KC. Displaying the unique ability to recreate the legendary bass lines, vocals, and persona of the world renowned Dusty Hill  

Brian Eads (Drums)

In 1966 seven-year-old Brian Eads played his first show in Lexington, MO, at Leslie Bell Elementary where he currently serves as the Behavior Interventionist. Having been in the music business for the majority of his life (over 4500 performances) Eads has toured North America extensively while enjoying recording success, including chart hits in Europe and a motion picture soundtrack as the drummer of his former band Rampage.  

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